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  • I am Johnathan too!!!! Works for me as well-I think he is the hottest captain i have ever seen-i would like to dip him in butter...or take him plain :)

    BadKitty Aug 6 '09, 3:37PM
  • I am like Ragnhild Moncrief...that's good. But I don't think I would go aboard my husband's boat...that's his territory !! I like Ragnhild, she's a strong woman. Glad I am not a crag also...LOL !

    Jules0724 Sep 17 '08, 7:47PM
  • I'm like Johnathan Hillstrand. That works for me. He's wonderful! I'd hate to be "the crab" lol.

    heleninseattle Jul 28 '08, 12:15AM

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