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  • i dislike her very many much

    jemah jempot Apr 22 '18, 1:18AM
  • Marilyn monroe is a kennedy brothers mistress :P

    jemah jempot Apr 22 '18, 1:10AM
  • I luv dis quiz!;-) :-) O:-) :-D KITTY LOVE!!!

    StickyNotes Mar 11 '16, 10:44PM

    StickyNotes Mar 11 '16, 10:39PM
  • Elvis... I'm no good with music

    gabriel16 Apr 14 '14, 1:11PM
  • Coolio! I am lucille ball. She is awesome!

    hazzaforeva Aug 17 '12, 10:22AM
  • I got Marilyn Monroe that's awesome she was so pretty :)

    BabyLisa95 May 22 '12, 1:24AM
  • Which Dead Celebrity Are You?
    Your Result: Marilyn Monroe
    You are a natural beauty, but you also love to enhance it! You tend to be child-like in your innocence, but you are really a sly fox! Many times, you make bad choices, but you are resiliant in most cases.

    Lucille Ball
    Elvis Presley

    scolionophobia Dec 30 '11, 1:22PM
  • I got Elvis, my favorite!

    Mysterious Nov 20 '11, 1:45PM
  • good quiz, but it would be more interesting if you added more dead celebrities, it would make the results more interesting.

    scorpion May 30 '11, 10:40PM
  • Cool! I got Elvis!

    sdf Apr 8 '10, 4:37PM
  • Marilyn Monroe...

    objdvarm Nov 14 '09, 10:13PM
  • Lucille Ball, talented, strong, dedicated, perfectionist. Hmm . . . . Cool. Nice quiz, BTW.

    MaggiErisian May 12 '09, 3:36PM

    MC2010 Dec 3 '08, 6:39PM
  • ELvis, wow

    McG May 4 '08, 1:55PM

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