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  • Your Result: Sinestro 77%

    You are Sinestro, the despotic former Green Lantern who was once Hal Jordan's mentor. You were exiled by the Green Lantern Corps when your pupil discovered your dark obsession with order in your sector that led you to rule your planet Korugar as a fascist dictator. In a supposed lesson of humility, you were banished to the negative universe where the Green Lantern Corps' enemies reside. Unfortunately for the Corps, you allied yourself with the Qwards, who gave you a yellow power ring to declare war on all Green Lanterns. You seek revenge on the entire Green Lantern Corps, but particularly Jordan for outing you. Your Qwardian power ring is fuelled by fear and can summon the form of any object to whatever end. Chances are that you are obsessive-compulsive, and you probably aren't very accustomed to forgiveness.

    60% Gorilla Grodd
    60% Giganta
    48% Lex Luthor
    31% Bizarro
    0% Joker

    The faded smoke
  • Most of this information is correct, but here's what you should know. Sinestro was NOT exiled by the Green Lantern Corps, but rather the Guardians of Oa who are the founders and rulers of the Green Lantern Corps. Also, he was exiled to Quard in a supposed lesson of humility but Quard is a anti-matter universe, not just a negative one. Those that he allied himself with are called the Weaponers of Quard, and it was they who gave him the yellow power ring to declare war on all Green Lanterns. The Qwardian power ring is fueled by fear and can produce anything he can think of. Your "Chances are that you are obsessive-compulsiv e, and you probably aren't very accustomed to forgiveness." is correct though.

    Side note: While not hers alone, Hawkgirl does indeed have an enemy. She and the Justice Society of America fought against Mordru the Dark Lord. Martian Manhunter also has enemies. His most notable ones are the White Martians and Ma'alefa'ak. This information comes from The DC Comics Encyclopedia.

    • I don't know any of these charactor, so why did I take this quiz?

      Ninjago Kai

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