Which Dance Moms Star Are You?

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You can be from graceful to forgetful, but everyone's perfect, even if your score wasn't who you expected, it doesn't matter because you are amazing anyway!

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Created by: Tia
  1. Hair colour
  2. Are you a good dancer?
  3. Could you put up with Abby?
  4. Which girl is your fave?
  5. Least fave?
  6. Which of Mack Z's songs do you like best?
  7. Which girl do you think you look most like?
  8. Which girl do you dance most like?
  9. Describe yourself.
  10. Would you be seen in a bra and pants costume?
  11. Fave Colour
  12. Are you a tomboy?
  13. Which would be your ideal mom?
  14. If you could be sisters with a girl, which one?
  15. Fave dance?

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Quiz topic: Which Dance Moms Star am I?