Dance Moms Fact Quiz

Dance Moms. A show about argueing moms, screaming dance teachers and seven little girls. A reality show, that's not scripted, but edited. A show about a dance teacher that take a team of seven down to four.

Are YOU a true Dance Moms fan? Find out by taking my "Dance Moms Trivia Quiz" Anyone can take it but beware, this quiz can only be completed successly by those who truely care(I tried to be poetic and rhyme, ik it doesn't make that much sense)

Created by: Grace
  1. Abby thought Chloe's last name was too hard to say, what did she want to change it too?
  2. Who bought an app for $99.99 then deleted it cause she got bored?
  3. Who caught Brooke and Nick making out behind the studio?
  4. True or False: The show was going to be called Just Dance
  5. Maddie almost cried when she met who?
  6. True or False: Maddie's name was originally Taylor but was changed two days later to Maddie
  7. What Nickolden show is Kenzie going to guest star on?
  8. What sport did Kendall once play
  9. What was the only episode that Paige was on top of the pyramid?
  10. What celebrity does Chloe want to dance with?

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