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  • Your Result: Chocolate 80%

    Chocola te, sweet! Like chocolate, you can be dark, sweet, and bitter. Mainly, you are intense and inrospective. You think really carefully before making decisions. You are quite serious.

    80% Mocha
    0% Strawberry
    0% Lemon
    0% Key lime
    0% Red velvet
    0% Vanilla
    0% Marbled
    0% Coconut

  • Cool!
    Your Result: Coconut

    Li ke a coconut cupcake, as it is classical and ordinary, you are traditional and quite opposed to change since you prefer working with similar things,people, and in similar places.

    Ravenclaw Witch2
  • Strawberry cupcake,I am very determined to live and follow my dreams and inspirations in my life. I will defend myself from those who try to prevent me from doing it. Cool quiz mate.

  • Your result: Red velvet

    Romantic and sweet! You carry around with cool and calm energy, and everyone seems to be infatuated with your life.


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