Which Creepypasta Is Your Twin?

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Have you always wondered who your REAL Creepypasta twin is? Well here's your chance to find out in this quiz! Good luck and remember... Have FUN!!

The quiz is somewhat challenging for the beautiful quiz takers! But please...,... Don't cheat, choose the answer that is the one that describes you 💖

Created by: Kylie
  1. Hi guys! My name is Kylar and my friends would like to ask a couple of questions! *Creepypastas walk into the room* "Ky what are we doing here again?" Ben asks "You're asking questions! Now go!" "Alright alright, favourite book?" "Ben are you feeling ok?" "Ya why?" "You just asked about a book" Ben shrugs.
  2. Alright, thanks Ben for your... Interesting question "No problem, do I have to stay here?" "Yup! Just until the quiz is over" Ben pulls out his Ds "Who's next?" "I'll go if I have to" "Yay Slendy!" "Child it's Slender" "Whatever" "Now child, what animal best describes you?" "Ooh I like that question!" "What about mine Kylar?" Ben looks up pouting "Don't worry, I liked yours too!"
  3. Ok, now let's go with... OOH I KNOW!!! Jeff, you're up! "Ugh do I have to?" "What do you think?" "Fine, I'll do it... If you come sharpen my knives with me!" "What Jeff! Fine... After the quiz." "Perfect, ok if you had to choose one hockey player to spend the day with, who would it be?" "Woah woah woah, Jeff how do you know about hockey?" "Oh please, I know about hockey from you!" "Oh... I see"
  4. "Thank you Jeff, now let's go with EJ" "If I need to, let's see... Favourite junk food" "What is wrong with you guys today? You guys have never asked these questions before" *all shrug*
  5. Alright, go Toby! "I will! Favourite place to go?"
  6. "Ooh Kylar can I ask another question!?" "Ya, go ahead Jeff" "Yes! Ok, what's your favourite TV show?!"
  7. "I have another question too!" "What is it then Ben?" "Who is your favourite super villain?"
  8. "Oh I got one too!" "Awesome! Go on then Toby!" "What activity do you like to do in your spare time?" "That's a good one Toby!" "Thank you!"
  9. "I would like to ask another question Kylar if that's ok" "Of course it is EJ! Ask away!" "Would you rather be ugly and live forever or attractive and die in 1 year?" "That is a hard question to answer EJ... I like it!" "Thank you"
  10. "I have one too" "Ok Slendy, uh I mean Slender!" "Alright, I would like to know your favourite colour." "Nailed it Slendy"
  11. Ok well, unfortunately our quiz is over! Until next time lovely quiz takers 😘

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Quiz topic: Which Creepypasta Is my Twin?