How Much Do You Know About Candy Pop? Creepypasta

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Welcome! This is a quiz on how much you know about candy pop. Remember it's for fun so don't take it so seriously. Hope you like this quiz! It took a while to make.

I also write creepypasta stories on Wattpad and I cosplay. My Wattpad is Creepypasta_Gal12. But I might change it in the future though but that depends!

Created by: That_creepypasta_gal of My Wattpad
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  1. What is candy pop?
  2. What does candy pop eat?
  3. What is candy pop's height?
  4. What are his preferences?
  5. What are his weapons?
  6. Where is his location?
  7. His birthdate?
  8. Does candy pop like laughing jack?
  9. How old is candy pop?
  10. Do you like candy pop? Rate 1-8?
  11. What are his favorite color?
  12. What type of girl does he like? (I'm sorry I had to put this here!!)
  13. What is candy pop's theme song?
  14. Does candy pop like Jason the Toymaker?
  15. Does candy pop get along with night terrors?
  16. Last question, do you know who he is?

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