Which Conduit Power Do You Have?

A Conduit is a special person who has control over a kind of matter. some can fly, run super fast, and even turn into giant beasts! Find out in this quiz!

Can you electrocute anything, freeze anything or burn anything, or something even more dangerous?

Created by: jamdubuisson
  1. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  2. Which Power Would You Want?
  3. You Are Often Called?
  4. Pick An Element
  5. If Someone Kidnapped Your Best Friend, What Would You Do?
  6. You Hate People Who.........?
  7. Your Favorite Weather Is......?
  8. Night or day?
  9. Favorite Pass Time or Hobby?
  10. Dream Job?
  11. Hero or Villain?
  12. Which Is Better, Speed or Strength?
  13. Do You Watch Anime?
  14. Favorite Harry Potter Character?
  15. Last Question: Which Power Do You Want?

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Quiz topic: Which Conduit Power do I Have?