Which color will suit your nails?

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Hey! Nails are so awesome, right? Coloring our nails is a passion. some peoples likes this and some not! Never mind. Do you like polishing your nails? If yes, then take the quiz!

Which nail color suits your nails? Is it red or purple or pink or black or whatever! Try taking the quiz and you'll get to know the results! Take the quiz...

Created by: Blossom

  1. Do you think that you apply nail colors according to your mood?
  2. What color dress do you mostly wear?
  3. Are your nails well shaped?
  4. Are your nails round shaped?
  5. Are your nails round shaped?
  6. Are your nails square shaped?
  7. Dark nail colors or light nail colors?
  8. Do you apply nail colors decently?
  9. Is the edge of your nails smooth?
  10. Are your nails clean?

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Quiz topic: Which color will suit my nails?