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  • I'm green, not freaking brown.

    Zephyrroi Dec 13 '18, 10:35am
  • I got white. I'm not called a goody two shoes, EVER. I am a religious person though so that part was right. And I wouldn't say that I'm like an angel either.

    CordeliaAMermaid Oct 31 '18, 8:30am
  • I got black. AKA the color of my soul.

    Forsaken Shadow Oct 11 '18, 10:43pm
  • I got white; purity. But my second color is black. Isn't black a rebellious color? I'm not really good, or bad. I was kind of expecting to get blue. But it was a really fun quiz to take!!

    EmilyTheElephant Oct 11 '18, 10:08am