Which college are you??

There are quite a few colleges.Do you know which one you are. There are only 4 outcomes to this test but hey. You never know.All but one of the four are located in Indiana. The other one is in a nearby state though.

When you take it, will you get the college you hoped for or will you dash your hopes of not getting the one you want.See what happens.I wish you the best of luck.Answer truly and it should work out.Now you should be ready to take the quiz.

Created by: Purdue

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are your favorite colors??
  2. Pick One:
  3. After a football game you:
  4. Secondary fav. colors?
  5. Least Fav. color?
  6. Pick another one:
  7. After a loss you:
  8. Reaction to this statement:Purdue fans are so stupid!!
  9. Reaction to this statement:Wisconsin fans smell like badger fur!!
  10. Reaction to this statement: Notre Dame students are so full of themselves!!

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Quiz topic: Which college am I??