Which clique character are you

who are you in the clique. this quiz will tell you the truth. who u truly are, nawt who u want to be. the clique is unique after all and everyone has there own special personality. thake the quiz. tell me if you like it. what are you waiting for? go ahead

what are you waiting for. take this quiz to find out who u are. hurry or itll be gone as fast as last seasons jimmy choos. come on and take the quiz. tell me how you feel abt it.

Created by: dakoda
  1. what would you do if ur crush suddenly dumped you
  2. the latest fashion and long waited for gucci boots are finally out and theres only 1 pair left
  3. what if you had a date the smae day the last pair of boots could be snatched away
  4. are you bored yet?
  5. which guy is ur pick. derrington, cam, kemp, or josh
  6. what would you do on ur first date
  7. which book was ur fav
  8. whats ur fav color
  9. are you bored now?
  10. how did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which clique character am I