Which Classical Composer Are You?

Forget left-brain versus right-brain. Each of us has an artist in us. When you look at the dysfunctional brilliance that comprise our celebrated classical composers, one can see oneself in each example.

Which classical composer are you? Do you chase your true love across Europe with a pistol and a disguise? Do you become a supernatural being in the eyes of your peers? Or do you toil in obscurity? Continue to find out what bust should be on your mantle.

Created by: NaneekoftheNorth of Myspace.com/patrickkeenan
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  1. You're out on a date and it's not going well. You can tell your date is working on a gentle brush-off, in fact. Do you:
  2. You have been asked to write a fanfare for the Olympics. Do you:
  3. Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Do you:
  4. You are in the market for a new musical instrument. Is it:
  5. You want to contribute to the local bake sale. do you enter:
  6. You have been hired by Salieri to kill Mozart. How will you do it?
  7. Your dream of the good life is:
  8. Your favourite country is:
  9. When people write about you after your death, what do you want them to be saying?
  10. When you are asked what you believe in, what do you tell them?

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Quiz topic: Which Classical Composer am I?