Do you know about classical stringed instruments?

Do you play the violin, viola, violonello, or bass violin? Do you study them with every particle in you being? Maybe you do and mayb you don't... today you can find out!

Do you have the violin famliy knowledge to answer a few easy questions? Twelve, to be exact. Are you another great? If you score high, way to go...but if you score low, I dunno.

Created by: Cello-Luver

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  1. From up to down, what is the standard tuning of a violin?
  2. From up to down, what is the standard tuning of a violoncello (cello)?
  3. What are the little turning mabobbers on the tail piece of a 'cello
  4. How do you play a viola?
  5. What is vabratto?
  6. What is the best violinist in a group called?
  7. How are bass violins played?
  8. What is agroup of four violin-family instruments called?
  9. Are viola's bigger or smaller then 'cellos?
  10. Do basses usually have the fastest part in a song?
  11. Is the another stringed instrument family with lin, ola, cello, and bass?
  12. What is another name for violin?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about classical stringed instruments?