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  • Balloon!

    resultLike Archers, you take a seat far from the war, safely doing damage on your own terms. It doesn't mean you're not a good troop because you can still smash the hopes out of other villages from high above!

    nicholas12 Feb 3 '18, 6:44PM
  • Wall breaker!!!

    I heard that people use [no urls] and its great! You receive your Clash of Clans gems instantly!!! BETTER GAME GUARANTEED! (aPozSnlqKV)

    Qdt789 Jan 2 '15, 6:13PM
  • I'm P.E.K.K.A :D

    Jing Por Sep 23 '14, 8:49AM
  • wall breaker lol yup thats me

    jubilee Jul 30 '14, 12:58PM

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