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  • Faith in Christ alone means that you trust in the entire work of Christ, his life and death, to satisfy God's demands of perfection "Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect." If you believe that Jesus took your place on the cross (substitution) "He made Him(Jesus) to be sin for us..." (1 Cor. 5:21), and that He took the wrath of God on your behalf for ALL your sins, then you can be a Christian. To believe that you can earn your way into heaven by religion, good deeds, self-improvement projects, etc...is self salvation.

  • I got Methodist by 85%, followed by Lutheran by 73%.

    Well, this is really interesting. I have never been to a methodist church in my life since there are barely any where I live at all. I have done a similar quiz on another website and also got Methodist though. Not sure how to deal with this. The only methodist church in my area (still over 25km away) is english-speaking and I live in Germany. I have always attended evangelical church services (mind you, european evangelicals are very different from american evangelists) and liked it but I am not baptized yet.

  • bro clearly doesnt know what catholicism teaches. there was a couple where i was like "a, this question is way to general for the answers and b, the answers do not even contradict." for example: God saving us is not at odds with cooperation with grace. apparently, this guy thinks this is the case. luckily, i could more or less tell which answers he WANTED catholics to choose and didnt choose that answer for half of them. overall, a bad quiz.

  • I tried many other Christian denomination quizzes and I find that they don't ask some of the important questions or give you the option to say what you believe when all the choices are something you don't agree with so I'm starting to think you can't let a quiz decide for you, you have to find the answer on your own.

  • This quiz is very limited to a few "denominations" and many questions and answers are typically "Western". You people never heard of Eastern Orthodoxy?! (Globally, the 2nd Christian "denomination" after Catholicism)

    • When will you guys come back into communion with Rome? Most of our disputes are already settled. I just wanna be back together with my Orthobros

  • I have taken several or different denominational quizzes; and they almost always some out Lutheran. This one did as well.

    It's a challenging question, or series of questions regarding how best to build a Denomination Quizz. These are all interesting efforts.

  • It said I was Baptist...and what do u know, I am one! My brother-in-law and sister are missionaries, my mom is a Sunday school teacher, and my dad is a Sunday school teacher and a Deacon! This quiz is SWEET!

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • I love the quiz, but it could be improved by having rudimentary explanations for someone like me who is still learning theology. It should also have some answer choices like "I'm not sure where I stand on this topic yet."

    • Some of the topics I only wonder about but do not have a firm stance on because I'm not the all knowing almighty God. Such as, predestined divine election vs. free will. Maybe it's a case by case thing or perhaps there are parallel dimensions where the different results of someone's choices play out simultaneously. I thought this quiz was more so going to ask my stance on topics like abortion, for example.

  • Funny, being raised catholic, leaving religion at the age of about 12 having lived the last 48 years as an atheist, the result is as follows: Pentecostal: 86%, Methodist: 62%, Baptist: 57%, Puritan: 38%, Restorationist: 27%, Lutheran: 22%, Calvinist: 15%, Catholic: 15%, Episcopalian: 14%.

    Like Hellinc7 questions, perhaps too much focussed on christian denominations...

    I also missed options like 'None of these options'.

  • I feel like this quiz was relatively biased. I am a nondenominational Christian, and I feel that organized denominations are distracting and put too many limits and too much pressure on believers to be the "perfect" Baptist/Methodist/C atholic/Pentecostal /etc.

  • Im new to being a Christian. I was raised in the mormon cult and they oppose and reject the Bible. So Im new to reading the Bible. I dont know what you all know but from the little I read and then answering these questions based on what I read in the Bible it said Im a Calvinist. I need to look into them.

    • Thats so sad, i wish they let you read the Bible!!

  • I'm an atheist and took the quiz for kicks. Turns out me and Puritans have some similar ideas, who'd have guessed?

    Good quiz OP, the quality is very nice and I enjoyed it even as a non-Christian :)

  • It is difficult for me to respect the opinion of the person/people who prepared the answer to the quiz. The grammar and spelling for example:. "More better,"and "churches."

  • I'm a restorationist. I knew I have always had difficulties with all of the other organized religious organizations I have tried to be a part of. I have never been accepted by anyone. Now I know!!!

  • I don't understand how I got 93% pentecostal when there was only one question dealing with tongues and none of the answers were good.

    I also got 53% calvinists. I don't agree with any of the 5 points of calvinism.

    I actually believe both pentecostal and calvinism are false gospels.

  • I found several questions difficult to answer because I wasn't given an acceptable answer to choose. I don't think it gave a true indication of who I am which should have been Lutheran or Methodist.

  • I got Methodist with Lutheran as second. I'm a little surprised because I grew up Lutheran, but I guess they're not too far apart. Great quiz, and very helpful!

  • My result is Pentecostal. I'm a Zen Buddhist(thus atheist).

    This was fun, my understanding is we have more in common with the Catholics but I suppose that may not be the case.

  • It was pretty close. It didn't have my denomination on there but I'd say that Seventh-day Adventists are closer to Baptists than to the other groups listed.

  • Result was mainly Episcopalian. Makes sense in a way as brought up in England think it was 91%? But really I was brought up more orthodox. Shame that's not an option

  • Interesting. I got Methodist. Never thought that since I went to Baptist churches.

  • hmm.... I currently attend a nondenominational church, but I had previously believed that I possessed Catholic beliefs. Until now, I had never considered an Episcopalian Church, but now I am interested to try it out. Thanks!

  • Good quiz! It nailed me as a Baptist, altho no church can or will get you to heaven! The guy who complained because he is Mormon should realize that this quiz is designed for Christians.

  • hmm...Kind of interesting, said I was a baptist, and it was Right, well I'm actually a southern baptist but theres not much difference...Though I don't know how Pentecostal got #2 on the list...

  • Would have never guessed i was a puritan but i actually completely agree with the results lol cool quiz! Thank you for creating it


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