Which Cheer Are You Quiz

Do you like to cheerlead? Ok let me rephrase that. Do you WANT to cheerlead? You do or you don't? I can't really hear you can answer a tad bit louder?

Anyway sorry for my chattering up there. It's a bad habit. So about cheerleading. If you actually DO want to be a cheerleader what cheer would you, you know, cheer? Well stop worrying your little butt off and take this quiz!

Created by: Valerie
  1. What do you normally eat?
  2. How do you normally dress?
  3. How do you cheer?
  4. If you had a baby girl what would you name her? (sorry boys but you shouldn't even be taking this quiz in the first place😡)
  5. What is your favorite word?
  6. What is your favorite color?
  7. Pick one word to describe yourself.
  8. Are you even a cheerleader?
  9. If you lost in the woods what would the first thing you would do?
  10. I'd you like my quiz?

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