How well do you know how to cheer?

There are many people who know about cheer, but few true geniuses. What is cheer? Cheer is a unique sport that involves loud voices, spirit, and getting crowds pumped up.

Are YOU a cheerleader? Do you know exactly how to cheer, or do you know absolutely nothing about it? Have you ever, or do you cheer? Or are you thinking about it? Take this great quiz to find out how much you know about cheer!

Created by: Truecheerleader
  1. Let's start with the basics. What is the most common move for a cheerleader?
  2. Do cheerleaders *USUALLY* wear uniforms?
  3. Is cheerleading a sport?
  4. When a cheerleader performs a routine, does it usually have a dance?
  5. When counting out a cheer, what do you usually count to?
  6. Do cheerleaders usually wear low ponytails or high ponytails?
  7. What do cheerleaders cheer with?
  8. When performing a routine, is there usually music to it?
  9. *HARD QUESTION* Am I a cheerleader?
  10. *ANOTHER HARD QUESTION* What is/was my squad's name?
  11. What do cheerleaders usually carry with them?
  12. Do squads have team colors?
  13. Let's say you're a cheerleader (i don't care if ur a boy). Can you cheer for your school AND a squad that's not from your school?
  14. What year was cheerleading invented?
  15. *easy question* Which of these should a cheerleader drink?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know how to cheer?