What type of cheer account should you have?

Are you thinking about joining the instagram cheer community? do you not know how you want to join it? this quiz will give you a good idea of what kind of account you should make!

if you get something you don’t want to do there is no pressure that you have to do it! this quiz is just for fun! post your results and tag me (@rykenloves) so that i can repost them!

Created by: RyKenLoves
  1. Which app is your favorite?
  2. do you like revealing your face?
  3. do you have a use for audios?
  4. Can you tumble?
  5. Are you flexible?
  6. are you a flyer?
  7. are you good at finding rare pictures?
  8. are you a really big fan of a certain cheerleader/ team
  9. can you make video edits good?
  10. can you make good photo edits?

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Quiz topic: What type of cheer account should I have?