Which Charmed One Are You?

If any of you are familiar with the television series, Charmed, then you may enjoy this quiz. It is full of everyday questions you should know very well how to answer. This is a great way to find out your true Charmed character!

This quiz will ask you a series of questions that each correspond to one of the sisters, Prue, Piper, Phoebe, or Paige. At the end of this quiz you will find out which of these characters you are most like. Have Fun!!

Created by: Julie
  1. Your in a fight with your friend over a guy, you...
  2. What would you most likely do on a weekend?
  3. Out of these... Which quote which quote relates to you the most?
  4. Who would be the top person on your Christmas list?
  5. What is your favorite color?
  6. Favorite Drink?
  7. Favorite type of movie?
  8. If 1 is the smartest and 4 is the dumbest, how smart are you?
  9. How many boyfriends have you had in your life time?
  10. How do you cope with the loss of a relative, friend, relationship... Etc.?

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Quiz topic: Which Charmed One am I?