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  • Annoyin' ania2603 with bullcrap statements

    User 77 Jan 21 '19, 12:46AM
  • C'mon I'm Nikki Minaj
    That's wierd

    Isela Nov 30 '18, 11:44PM
  • I got 86% of Selena gomez

    Angelica61 Nov 14 '18, 12:17PM
  • Ha ha I got no one so I’m unique lol

    Navnit Nov 8 '18, 4:10PM
  • I’m unique I got nobody bahahaha

    Libbylibsxox Nov 8 '18, 2:06PM
  • Oh my god!!! I got Selena Gomez, and you know what's ironic? My first name is the same just spelled differently (Selina)

    Mysterious Cat Feb 2 '15, 5:38PM
  • It said no celebrity
    72% Selena Gomez
    36% Miley Cyrus
    22% Taylor Swift
    12% Avril Lavigne
    12% Niki Minaj

    Brightstar24 Dec 2 '14, 6:26PM
  • No I came in like a wrecking ball
    Miley Cyrus 48%
    Auril Lavigne also 48%
    Selena Gomez 42%
    Nicki Minaj 36%
    Taylor Swift 22%
    no celebrity 16%

    HelenaGirl Nov 16 '14, 11:43PM
  • Your Result: Avril Lavigne

    You look like Avril Lavigne! You have her hair color, eye shape, eye color, and everything that resembles her! You are lucky to look like her! Congratulations, because you are actually attractive looking!

    awesomebonbons Oct 12 '14, 2:25PM
  • Hey guys, if you go to my page you will find a quiz about your hair type. So, for the people who are curious as to what condition their hair is in, take that quiz! :)

    Shimmers Oct 3 '14, 12:51PM
  • I got Selena Gomez well that s the one I look most like

    lindseyt Oct 2 '14, 5:52PM
  • I got Selena Gomez, I suppose she might b the most like me

    chocolatefrog Oct 1 '14, 10:11AM
  • Yahoo! Selena Gomez! 86% Selena Gomez! I can't believe it! Whoo! Yeah!

    Deemawahler Oct 1 '14, 5:03AM
  • @dogsbuddy;
    I don't really pay much attention to Demi Lovato so I didn't add her.

    Shimmers Sep 30 '14, 12:16PM
  • Miley Cyrus

    Beautiful123 Sep 28 '14, 12:31PM
  • Sorry about that.... I was going to say what about Demi Lovoto.

    dogsbuddy Sep 27 '14, 12:56PM
  • M

    dogsbuddy Sep 27 '14, 12:55PM

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