Which Celebrity Boy is Yours

which celbrity guy is your perfect boyfriend. This quiz will tell you,and even tell you what the family thinks of you. I really hope you like this quiz and get the result you want well hope you enjoy!!!!!Well I have to get 150 caharters so I'm just gonna say have fun ,enjoy, and yeah thats pretty much it.

Have you always wondered who your perfect celebrity boyfriend would be. Well take this quiz and you'll find out. Now I'm going to say random things lol have fun have fun have fun.

Created by: Angelica

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What your dream guy like?
  2. perfect date?
  3. what does your guy drive?
  4. How many siblings does your Guy have?
  5. What would you like your guy to tell you?
  6. Where does your guy live?
  7. If you had a broken leg and looked completely hideious in a dress where would be the sweetest place for your guy to show you off?
  8. How protective is your guy?
  9. Does he like his family to get involved with your relationship?
  10. What song does he write for you?

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