What Celebrity Is Your Car?

This quiz is to determine which celebrity your car is. Who would it be if it was a legend in the past but it's being forgotten now? What if it's a econobox? Who would it be if it was a living human being?

Note, this is my first time creating a quiz like this, so it may or may not be what you expect. If you're offended, too bad, remember, it's just a quiz. Take the quiz and find out who your car is.

Created by: AllHailZ
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How old is the car?
  2. Does it have minor dings?
  3. Any dents?
  4. Is it one color?
  5. Where did it come from?
  6. What category is it in?
  7. Is it a sedan or coupe?
  8. Are you a girl? (If so, automatic disqualification)
  9. Did you know that the previous question didn't have any points, so it did not count in the final?
  10. What condition is the paint in?
  11. Does it have an aluminum wing?
  12. A lot of carbon fiber?
  13. Do you like the clean look or the wild, wacky, outta-there look?

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Quiz topic: What Celebrity Is my Car?