Which celebrity are you

This quiz will show you which celebrity are you and what personality that you have with it so do this quiz for the whole package!!! Thanks it’s so cool and you have to try it and tell all your friends about ir

If you are intelligent and smart and sweet and kind of course you take this quiz to see what celebrity goes with that package so you’ll find out in great minutes that you are a certain celebrity and who are you well I don’t know you’ll have to see for yourself

Created by: Memphis
  1. Btw you have to be a girl to take the quiz Who are you most like?
  2. Who do you want to be
  3. Who do you want to be
  4. Who do you want to be
  5. Which tv show
  6. What traits describes you best?
  7. What’s your favorite color
  8. What traits describes you best?
  9. Do you like this quiz
  10. Do you think that other people should use this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which celebrity am I