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This quiz is based on the opening words of every Celebrity Big Brother Housemate, of the 2016 Celebrity Big Brother Season 18. There are clues in what they say, you might be able to pick up on that.

Do you think you have what it takes to pin a quote to a celebrity big brother housemate. If so try this quiz and see how far and how well you get in it

Created by: Anton

  1. Who said: "you might now me from storage wars, or you might know me as the boominater, booooooom"
  2. Who Said: "I helped a lot of young men grow up in the 80's"
  3. Who said: "Do I like to swear, of course, who doesn't like to f---ing swear it sounds better"
  4. Who said: "Im sure everyone will think I'm stupid and dumb, but im sure they won't be thinking that when their cleaning my f---ing dishes"
  5. Who said: "Geography, not my strong point. I know where the bar is"
  6. Who said: "I don't take s---, if somebody is talking down to me they won't be for long"
  7. Who said: "I have made mistakes in my life, and if I could have my time again, there are certain things I would change"
  8. Who Said: "I am the MOST competitive person on the planet"
  9. Who said: "I've always been the person they've picked, when the couldn't get the person they wanted"
  10. Who Said "I'm definitely really not away with the fairies, I'm quite grounded"
  11. Who said "I look like I'm out at the club til' 4 in the morning taking shots off of girls tits, but really I'm in bed reading"
  12. Who Said: "I'm definitely not a slag, but I wouldn't say I'm a Nun either, I'm somewhere in the middle, what's wrong with that"
  13. Who Said: "I'm a funny guy, good guy, nice guy"
  14. Who Said: "What am I prepared to do to win Big Brother Ohhhhhh Myyyyyy Goodness.... Anything"
  15. Who Said: "I'm 46, I've lived life, I'm proud to be... A loose woman"

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