Which BTS member's ideal type are you?

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In this Quiz your gonna find out which BTS members ideal type you are. Please don't take this Quiz seriously I just did that for fun. Enjoy this BTS quiz.

If you don't fit the boy's ideal types please don't be sad or hate on others that fit their ideal type. It's just a quiz. I got the ideal type description from the internet and I don't know if its true.

Created by: Magnificent
  1. Which describes you best?
  2. Pick a food
  3. What is your Favorite Colour
  4. What physical qualities would you look for in a boyfriend?
  5. What other qualities would you look for in a boyfriend?
  6. What would you do on a date?
  7. Choose one.
  8. Who would you like to get?
  9. Please select a quote that you like the most.
  10. It's your best friend birthday, what will you give as a present?

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Quiz topic: Which BTS member's ideal type am I?