What Type of Ravenclaw Are You

So you're a Ravenclaw, huh? Well what type of Ravenclaw are you exactly? Are you the sterotypical know it all smart ass? Are you the creative artsy type? Are you the obsessive keep to yourself Ravenclaw? Are you the responsible sensible one? Are you the wacky hyper one? Find out here.

There aren't just four kinds of people. So along with having traits of some of the other houses in you, you also have a type of your house. There are different kinds of people who fit into the description of creative, smart, and witty. Which one are you?

Created by: Nahama

  1. When you're friend needs advice you would
  2. What class would you be best at?
  3. You deal with stressful situations
  4. You tend to procrastinate
  5. How do you learn the best?
  6. During times of trauma you are the
  7. Are you the superhero or the sidekick?
  8. Introvert or Extrovert
  9. What is your sense of humor?
  10. Are you the caretaker or the taken care of

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