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  • Which BTS Member Will You Marry?
    Your Result: Jimin 80%

    Congrats!! Looks like you're gonna marry Chim Chim!!! But watch out, he has a tendency to take off his shirt and do body rolls. Oh wait. That makes you like him more doesn't it? Ok. *Tries to come up with ways to make you hate him so I can marry him.*

    68% Jin
    66% JungKook
    41% J-Hope
    39% Taehyung/V
    21% Rap Monster
    14% Suga

    female foxo
    • LMAO. I also got Jimin. As soon as I saw Jimin, I had started to plan the wedding. (I mean... my first bias in Yoongi but I still love Jimin). Am I the only one who does that?

  • I already knew I was in love with Tae, I didnt need this quiz lol.

    Good job tho!

    • I have been in love with Jungkook since the beginning. He has great looks, a great personalty, a cute smile, and he is my first bias and has never changed. I LOVE YOU JUNGKOOK OPPA


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