Which Bts Member Are You in Love With?

There are many people out there who like Bts. If you do your in luck I made Scenario of If you ever datedBts what would happen. I hope you choose your reasonably answer.

Ae you part of Bts' Army? Do you have smart brain to choose right? If you wonder try out these question, You with one member of Bts! Well just in a few minutes your going to find out who is going to be your Favorite!

Created by: Da Eun
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. If you had vip tickets to see Bts concert who would you choose? (Part 1).
  3. If you had vip tickets to see Bts concert who would you choose? (Part 2).
  4. What music do you like?
  5. What's your favorite hobby?
  6. Where would you have your first date?
  7. What's your favorite song?
  8. What kind of personality do you like in a guy?
  9. He thinks your cheating with another guy, What would you do?
  10. Do you love Him?
  11. If you see him with another girl what would you do?
  12. Which one is cute to you?

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Quiz topic: Which Bts Member am I in Love With?