Which British political faction do you resemble the most?

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This is a short and fun quiz that will attempt to demonstrate who most fits your political convictions, and is present on the political scene of the United Kingdom. This features most mainstream parties as well as divisions within them.

Many of these questions tackle economic and social issues, along with issues that are pertinent to the British political scene. Some may appear outdated, as the British political scene is evolving rapidly.

Created by: Ben
  1. Should the government intervene more in the economy?
  2. Was the UK right to leave the European Union?
  3. Do you support the legalisation of same-sex marriage?
  4. Should serious violations of the law result in the application of capital punishment?
  5. Should we not support the rest of the West (United States, Europe) and instead support the emerging powers (Russia, China)?
  6. Do the mainstream political parties appeal to your political beliefs?
  7. Should we try to introduce more legislation in order to protect the environment?
  8. Is Islam a threat to the UK?
  9. Have liberal identity politics gone too far?
  10. Should extremist ideologies such as Fascism and Islamism be tolerated?
  11. Should Christianity remain the state religion of the United Kingdom?
  12. Should abortion be legal on request?
  13. Should the Monarchy be abolished?
  14. Should Scotland declare independence?
  15. Should Northern Ireland rejoin Ireland?
  16. Was the Iraq War justified?
  17. Would you be greatly concerned with foreign neighbours?
  18. Should euthanasia be legal?
  19. Should there be any space for socialism in the UK?
  20. Would you rather any of the following as Prime Minister?

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Quiz topic: Which British political faction do I resemble the most?