which britannica corn photo are you?

have you ever wondered what corn you are? i constantly find myself asking what corn i am. no need to fear, corn quiz is here! it's the perfect waste of time.

corn quiz asks multiple intense questions to really figure out which corn photo represents you best. you've never seen yourself as corn like this. just you wait. just you wait.

Created by: lang leonard

  1. what is your experience with corn?
  2. what's the best part about corn?
  3. what's the best color?
  4. where do you live?
  5. how likely are you to be spotted?
  6. what sound should corn make?
  7. you go to one place before you die, you choose:
  8. what do you always want next to you?
  9. how well does your name represent you?
  10. what is your one goal in life?

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Quiz topic: Which britannica corn photo am I?