which bratz doll are you most like

as u know every girl wants to be a brat. well for u peeps that havnt com across them they are a group of tally fab frends with a amazing passion 4 fashion!

now u can find out which of these 4 brats ur mostlike are u...the sweet shy cole, the funky out there jade , the caring cutie yasmin or not but not least the up beat hip sasha.find out with this quiz

Created by: olivia johnson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your fav colour
  2. wots ur fav no.
  3. wots ur fav body part
  4. whats ur fav food
  5. wots ur fav music
  6. which nickname do u lyk the most
  7. wots ur fav smoothie flaver
  8. wots ur shopin style
  9. if u had a band wot music would u play
  10. wots ur apperence most lyke

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Quiz topic: Which bratz doll am I most like