What Bratz Girl are you?

Bratz is a brand originally created for tween girls. There are three girls, Jade, Sasha, Chloe and Yasmin with a passion for fashion! You can buy dolls and DVD's from the brand.

What Bratz girl are you? Are you quirky Jade, cheerleader Sasha, music-loving Yasmin or preppy jock Chloe? Well, all you need to do is take this quiz, and then you'll find out!

Created by: BratzFan
  1. First day of school! How does your mum act?
  2. What is your fashion style?
  3. What is your favourite subject?
  4. Are your parents together?
  5. What is your clinique?
  6. What is the colour of your hair?
  7. Do you get stage fright?
  8. If theres an group argument, what of the following do you normally end up doing?
  9. What colour are your eyes?
  10. Your really happy in the morning cos its the first day of High School. You and your friends have arranged a chat on Gmail at 7:30am. How do you get out of bed?
  11. What is your favourite lip gloss colour?

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Quiz topic: What Bratz Girl am I?