Are you stylish

Do you have good taste in style.? Find out with this girls only quiz. Hopefully you'll enjoy taking this quiz as much as I enjoyed making it. A boys quiz will come soon

This quiz may help you realize you need serious fashion help I suggest taking it just in case. This quiz is made in 2014 when certain fashions were cute this quiz may be updated to fashion in the future

Created by: Fiona
  1. How do you describe your personality?
  2. How do you usually dress?
  3. What's your dream outfit?
  4. How do you usually wear your Hair?
  5. What shoes are you rocking?
  6. Do you strive to impress?
  7. Makeup?
  8. Wear does your fashion advice come from?
  9. How confident in yourself are you?
  10. Instagram?
  11. Tumblr?

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Quiz topic: Am I stylish