Which boy is for you? (boys I know)

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So this is a quiz based on people I know, although the names have been changed just in case. . . You can never be too careful right? Hehehe. . . Soooo

Please let me know who you got, and go back to read everyones descriptions. I'd love to know who is your favorite boy? Hmmm? Mine is Zach (yes he's based on the boy I like.)

Created by: gfh012
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First thing's first. . . are you a girl?
  2. Seond thing's second. . . which sport would you rather your boy be into?
  3. Third thing's third. . . If your boy were to tell you he liked you, how would you want him to say it?
  4. Fourth thing's fourth. . . what do you want your boys hobby to be?
  5. Fifth thing's fifth. . . your boy, what color hair do you want him to have?
  6. Sixth thing's sixth. . . When looking in to your dreamboy's eyes, do you want to be able to stare into them? Or be a little uncomfortable.
  7. Seventh thing's seventh. . . are you getting annoyed by me saying ____ thing's ______ on every question?
  8. So, do you want your boy to be a leader, follower, or leader of everyone except you?
  9. Do you want to have a innocent boy? Or someone a little more. . perverted?
  10. So each of these boys has a different kind of smile, which one do you like?
  11. Last thing's last. . . hehe. . . hope you liked this, and one more question, do you mind a boy who uses language?

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