Which board game fits you best?

Do you like playing games but don't know what fits you best? This quiz will tell you which one fits best! Four distinct board games are the possibilities. Enjoy finding which fits you best.

Are you Sorry? Are you Monopoly? Are you The Game of Life? Are you Clue? This quiz will choose one of those board games that fits your personality best.

Created by: Lily
  1. What mood are you usually in?
  2. How often do you get mad?
  3. If someone spilled juice on your shirt what would you do?
  4. When playing a game what is your favorite part?
  5. What does your laugh sound like?
  6. Which is your favorite below?
  7. Which is your favorite catchphrase?
  8. What would you do on your day off?
  9. Which is your favorite subject?
  10. Would you ever pull a prank?

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