Which Black Sister Are You?

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The Black Sisters, Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa, appear a lot in the Harry Potter series. Pure-blooded Slytherins and Blacks, they are almost identical.

But do you wonder which sister you are like the most? Take this quick, fun and easy quiz to find out whether you are the sadistic Bella, the haughty but loving Dromeda or the overprotective Cissy.

Created by: Graham

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  1. In your family, are you the oldest, middle or youngest child? (An only child counts as the eldest.)
  2. If you had a wand, what would be it's core?
  3. What would your ideal wood be?
  4. And the length?
  5. What is your NATURAL hair colour?
  6. What is your Star Sign?
  7. Your opinion of blood purity please:
  8. When were you born?
  9. It's a party and you are getting ready to go. How do you dress?
  10. What of these are your personality traits?

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Quiz topic: Which Black Sister am I?