Which Best Friend Is Your Soulmate??

In this quiz you will be given a series of questions asking you what you look for in your ideal relationship. Using those answers we will decide which best friend (caleigh or shelby) is more fit to give you what you want in a relationship.

Dont take this quiz literally this is just for fun and both of these bestfriends are amazing and getting either of them is a blessing!I hope you enjoy this quiz and get who you want!

Created by: Caleigh Martin

  1. When wanting to spend time with somebody you love(such as a bf/gf) what does your ideal day sound like?
  2. Are you more attracted to blonde hair or brown hair?
  3. Which description of these eyes draws you in the most?
  4. Are you interested in somebody whos romantic in their affection
  5. Does ur somebody taking time out of their day to support you in you activities important to you?
  6. When dating somebody would you be willing to make sacrifices to make the relationship work because you love them
  7. When in a relationship do you often keep the future in mind
  8. Day or Night
  9. Do you belive that love at a young age is real
  10. Do you have an idea of who you will get if you know caleigh and shelby personally?(does not affect results)

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Quiz topic: Which Best Friend Is my Soulmate??