Do you like them more than a friend?

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Ok, so I made this quiz at like 10pm because I was super bored. (I'm actually supposed to be doing homework rn but whatever...) This is for if you ever think that you might like someone but you're not so sure.

So anyway, pls don't think that I'm some kind of relationship expert *eye roll* because I literally got rejected by my best friend and I couldn't take the hint that "yeah he's not interested" so yeah...

Created by: Sandra

  1. Do you smile a lot around them?
  2. Do you ever ask them questions such as ("You're single right?" "Are you and _____ still together?" "Hey, did you and ______break up?" "Who do you like?"
  3. Do you think about them a lot?
  4. Do you often try to find and excuse to keep on talking/texting with them?
  5. What kinds of things do you usually talk about?
  6. How do you feel around them?
  7. Oh my god so I tried to publish this but it said that I need at least 10 questions so here goes: What is your zodiac sign and what is theirs?
  8. Soooo....still three more questions to go until I can finally submit this without it saying that I need at least 10 questions....
  9. Ima just tell you a bit about myself since we still have 1-2 questions to go. I live in Texas, and as I'm writing this question it is...9:52 pm. Also I have no pets bc my parents are lameeee...
  10. Also, I have 3 brothers (1 older bc my dad was married before and two younger ones who are twinsss and super duper annoying D:)
  11. Finally y'all we're down to the last questionnnnnn. Yayyyy! So are you ready for your results? Btw please don't sue me if you don't like em lmaooo

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Quiz topic: Do I like them more than a friend?