Which Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Are You?!

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Ben and Jerrys are are a famous Ice cream company that are well known and irreplaceable. They are by far the best Ice cream company yet :) Though I doubt anyone will beat them.

So which Flavour are you. Obviously there are tons of Flavours so I have selected six different flavours of which I will not list :D So are you ready??

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. Pick A word
  2. When Is Your Birthday???
  3. Do you like Nuts???
  4. Do you like Banana???
  5. Do you Like Caramel??
  6. Do you like Cookies???
  7. Pick an Animal
  8. Which sounds more appealing?
  9. Pick one
  10. Are You ready??

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Quiz topic: Which Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream am I?!