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  • I was Robin Hood, I've always wanted to be the girl version on Robin Hood, and Marian was her friend. This channel rlly does make me think on my own a lot becasue I LOVE IT!!! Also it makes me kinda depressed cuz it makes me cry all the time when I watch it. I keep telling myself to stop dreaming about being Robin Hood because it makes me sad, I keep telling myself 'Maple, stop dreaming about being Robin its stupid' but I can't stop thinking about it, it makes me sad but also happy too. Idk what to do anymore LOL XD

    • I got the sheriff lol. Guess thats all you need to know about me

  • I was Much! I really love his character and when I read the description I was shocked at how well I fit into it.

  • I was Much!
    I somehow expected that! I like him!


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