Which basic subject are you (maybe idk)?

This is a really dumb and short quiz that I made instead of doing my homework. It's probably inaccurate and gross but idc ;)) Have fun I guess!!!!!!!!

Why do I have to write 2 paragraphs ew I'm a math kid not an English kid. lol this its probably biased and weird though good luck getting something accurate lol.

Created by: Emo
  1. Would you rather...
  2. Which not-as-basic subject?
  3. Uuuuuh choose an activity for a Friday night
  4. uuuuh choose an animal
  5. Ice cream flavor?????
  6. A name that starts with E I guess
  7. A Powerpuff Girls villain lol
  8. A color
  9. How much sleep do you usually get (around)?
  10. ummm shoes

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Quiz topic: Which basic subject am I (maybe idk)?