which band u like big time rush or the jonas brothers

u got big time rush and u ove hockey and love to b in the snow and great at singing u love to snow board and indoor sky dive for ever and will like big time rush for ever

u got jonas and will love them for ever and will have a little brother in life and u r great and love baseball and love the weather in new jersey and will have a sister band called the jonas sisters maybe...

Created by: kay
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what state would u rather live in
  2. what sport do u like the best
  3. what channel do u like
  4. would u rather b
  5. what band would like to b in
  6. what music do u like
  7. do u like van shoes or flips flops
  8. would u rather have a sister or a brother little
  9. ready for the next question
  10. last question:which band do u think is the best

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