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  • I loved the quiz, and got an answer I wasnt expecting, and then 2 days later met a guy who is the sign this quiz claimed i was most compatible with. I'm a Taurus and it said Im most unknowingly attracted to Sagittarius's. Cool eh!

  • This web site didn't allow me to fix any errors especially the title, I was very frustrated after making this quiz! I hope someone gets a kick out of it though and isn't too confusted by the title which should have read LADIES!!!

  • I like this quiz because it's really unique! :) But, (I forgot if there is a limit or not, so sorry if I'm wrong), I would have liked to see all of the signs on the possible guys (capricorn, etc.). But I loved this quiz! Good job, and keep it up! ;)

  • Taurus man!! Huhuhu nevermind..

    btw the quiz is daebak! Keep it up!! I wonder how is virgo man...


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