which anime world would you belong?

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hey..i am a great anime fan... i like the manga art and what about you? have you thought if you were a anime character which anime series would be best for you?

well so take this test and find out.and this is only for true anime lovers, who know about them and enjoy them ...so i don't know what more to write so....take the quiz!

Created by: anime diva
  1. so..first what is favourite anime?
  2. well ..imagine you are going through the street you see a small cute abandoned puppy what would you do?
  3. okay..now how do you want your anime self to be?
  4. are you evil?
  5. do you like to help?
  6. so who is your favourite anime charecter?
  7. now are you bored..well i am..what about you?
  8. weel now ..i am out of question..so what is your favourite colour?
  9. well it has no effect on your result...so what you prefer english sub or english dub?
  10. okay so are you ready for your result

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