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  • Which anime girl is right for you
    Your Result: Bad girl 74%

    resultShe likes going as fast as her motorcycle can move. If you can tame her then she's all yours, but be careful she's feisty. She doesn't need anyone to protect her, she wants someone to fight next to. Her kisses make you fall over and she's not afraid to get a little crazy.

    58% Cute girl
    58% Popular girl
    35% Smart girl
    34% Shy girl

  • You're very lucky. All the guys bow down to her, and yet she picks you. She's beautiful and smart, but needs to be treated like a princess. She loves shopping and kissing in public (to make people jealous). All the boys eat there hearts out while she calls you hers.

    84% Cute girl
    77% Shy girl
    71% Smart girl
    41% Bad girl

  • Im smart anime girl thank u and lov the quiz

    • 84% Shy Girl
      72% Popular girl
      66% Smart girl
      64% Cute girl
      64% Bad girl

      DR Anime117

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