Which Anime Girl Are You? (Outta these!)

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Hi! This is my second quiz! And I made this quiz because I'm trying to level up and you know stuff. So the Anime girl's name's are Alyssa, Emily, and Mikayla!

The results have pictures of what the girl's look like so yeah. Come on take the quiz! You don't know how to? Oh crap you do, well all you do is take the quiz below!

Created by: Abby12

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  1. Are you sweet?
  2. Are you shy?
  3. Are you mean?
  4. Do you love Nature?
  5. Do you care about the Earth?
  6. Are you sassy, bossy, mean, ect?
  7. Are you nice, loves animals, Nature, ect?
  8. Are you shy, kinda likes Nature, doesn't really care about the Earth, ect?
  9. Which name do you like best?
  10. Rate/comment?

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Quiz topic: Which Anime Girl am I? (Outta these!)