Which Anime Character Are You?

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This Is A Quiz About Finding Your Inner Anime Character. Try To Do Your Best And Try To Keep Your Personality The Way That It Is. I Appreciate That You Are Going To Take This Quiz!

There Are 12 Questions. Try To Appreciate This Quiz. This Quiz took Me Days To Complete So Even If You Don't Like Try To Appreciate That I Did This For All Of The People Who Take Quizzes On This Website!

Created by: Manga109005
  1. What Is Your Favorite Food?
  2. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  3. What Would Your Friend Say Your Personality Is?
  4. What Is The Hair Color You Want Or Have?
  5. What Is Your Zodiac Sign?(If Yours Isn't There Choose Randomly)
  6. What Is Your Favorite Animal?
  7. Out Of The 5 Animes Which One Is The Best?
  8. Who Is Your Anime Father?
  9. What Is Your Anime Age?
  10. Are You Glad This Quiz Is Over Now?

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Quiz topic: Which Anime Character am I?