Which animal will you enjoy leveling up the most?

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Do you play wildcraft?? leveled up that one favorite animal of yours and are now looking for a new one but stuck on deciding what? Or maybe your just new to the game and figuring out mechanics. you can take this quiz to find out which animal to use depending on what your answers are!

This quiz is for wildcraft made for you by an old wildcraft pro. finding the right animal for you is based on preference and what you plan to do with your character. but if you're stuck I can help you! keep scrollin' for the quiz :D

Created by: L0stXAl0ne

  1. do you like PVP?
  2. what do you do to attack enemies?
  3. what is your end goal? (great at PVP great at boss fights etc.)
  4. What's your favorite world to play in?
  5. when joining a server what do you look for?
  6. how many friends on your friend list?
  7. favorite animal? (will affect score)
  8. do you focus on looks or efficiency?
  9. did u answer honestly? (will not affect score)if not go back and change your answers right now.
  10. enjoy your day! 9will not affect score;D)

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Quiz topic: Which animal will I enjoy leveling up the most?